About us: Hanes Escape Rooms was founded back in 2018 and opened for the public in 2019. Keeping with our farm like feel, we opened up 2 rooms, Sheriffs office and Jailbreak. Over the years we’ve expanded to a variety of different rooms for all ages to enjoy!

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Hours of Operation

by booking only (see link above)

Invitation to the School of Magic (coming soon)

The Invitation to the School of Magic is intermediate to hard in difficulty.

You always felt like you were made for something special. And now you have proof – the Invitation to the School of Magic has just arrived and the hidden world of wizardry is about to unfold.

Before you get enrolled – there is one more step. The invitation itself is the entrance exam. Will you pass it in 45 minutes or will the doors to the School of Magic stay closed to you?